What's nevvco?

It's sort of like an amalgamation of tech blog, commonplace book, and personal journal. Thank you for checking it out.

And who am I, anyway?

I’m William.

I’m a Vancouver-based writer and strategist operating at the intersection of tech and media.

In the past, I’ve led communications at a provincial crown agency, started and scaled a niche media property, and had work published in The Globe & Mail, Maclean’s, Billboard, and The Georgia Straight, among other publications.

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and then raised in Winchester, Ontario. I studied political science at Carleton University. I moved to Vancouver in the spring of 2015.

The short version of me: Currently (as of January 2024), I’m supporting a few initiatives I’m passionate about as an advisor and consultant by day, as well as chronicling my adventures in Western Canada’s technology ecosystem by night. I’m also a speaker, commentator, and educator. The long version.

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