"Promising, but vulnerable." – What I said on Alt-Text with Erin Gee

"Promising, but vulnerable." – What I said on Alt-Text with Erin Gee

I recently joined Alt-Text with Erin Gee to dissect my recent post 11 (rough) notes on the state of Vancouver tech. Timestamps for key topics are noted below.

(0:00) Introductions

(2:18) Revisiting "Vancouver tech’s uncertain future," a post from January 2023 post

(5:42) Why Thinkific kickstarting tech sector-wide layoffs in April 2022 mattered

(9:34) The significance of Koho's recent $86 million funding round

(11:34) "What would Kate Wilson do?"

(13:19) Why it's agtech and cleantech's time to shine in BC

(14:32) What is cleantech, anyway? (namechecks: Ideon, 4AG)

(16:40) How pre-seed deals are about people

(17:34) The myth of 'a lack of capital' for Vancouver entrepreneurs (namechecks: BCTech Fund)

(20:55) What Adam Neumann represents from a VC investment perspective

(23:40) Does Vancouver really lack liquidity events? And why does this matter?

(27:22) The two types of talent missing from Vancouver

(29:42) How the cost of living crisis impacts talent, reamplifying this tweet from a local tech worker:

(32:00) Why, overall, Canadian tech is booming (hint: expertise, economics, and the Prairies)

(34:59) You can't talk about Canadian tech without talking about SR&ED funding and whether it's good or bad. #zombie firms

(37:55) Reflecting on the 2021 founders' market and unicorn stampede

(41:25) BC emigration to Alberta; Alberta hiring in BC

(43:28) My love for Calgary ("72 hours in Calgary tech")

(44:52) Concluding comments: "Promising, but vulnerable."